Twinning Říčany - partnership of cities

Welcome to the website about the Twinning of Říčany, our city's partnership with other cities in Europe.

The city partnership is a partnership between citizens living in European cities. It serves to strengthen cultural traditions, contacts and experiences between them.

Our aim is to inform you on this website about everything that will happen in the area of partnership between the city of Říčany and our partner cities across Europe and to give you all the opportunity to get involved in the activities.

Here you can find the history of the partnership in Říčany, photos, list of events and also basic information about our partner cities.

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About us

The PARTNER CITY COMMISSION is an advisory body of the Říčany Town Council, which discusses and approves proposals for activities within the framework of the partnership. The Commission also has a modest budget to cover administrative costs and possibly foreign travel and minor expenses when visiting colleagues from the twin cities.

Without significant help from the entire Town Hall, we would not be able to implement and carry out the activities of the partnership.

The members of the Commission are:

Ing. Petra Šmolíková – Chairwoman
Mgr. Zuzana Havlíková
Mgr. Martina Dvořáková
Mgr. Adam Polánský
Mgr. Radka Mandátová

Ing. Erika Straškrabová
MBA Ing. Veronika Jáglová
Mgr. Iveta Sinkulová
Mgr. Jana Vavřinová
Mgr. Markéta Kasálková
Ing. Ivan Doubrava



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