I want to get involved

Would you like to help with partnership activities in Říčany? Contact us at twinning@ricany.cz

What does the cooperation consist of?

  • This is purely voluntary work, free of charge, with no fee (yet...), but with the joy of the result
  • Possibility of accommodation for participants from partner countries who will come to Říčany in their homes
  • Travel to the partner countries
  • Those who will accommodate the participants will have priority for the foreign trips to the partner countries
  • Translation and interpreting (English, German, French)
  • Assistance with website management - updating of individual sections
  • Ideas for other partner cities we should work with?
  • Help in organizing conferences/meetings in Říčany and other events
  • Involvement in projects (for European Commission applications from the Programme - Europe for Citizens)
  • Assistance with other partnership agenda
  • PR - e.g. writing articles for magazines etc.
  • However, financial contributions, gifts in kind are also welcome - especially for participants from partner cities, for trips abroad