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What is Twinning

According  to Wikipedia, Twin Towns (term more common in Europe) and  Sister Towns (more often used in US) are those which develop their cultural relations and contact between citizens, no matter the geographical distance and political differences. The main substance of such relations is based in student exchanges programmes and economic and cultural cooperation. Klepnutím zobrazíte plnou velikost obrázku

It has a long history and tradition in Europe. After a Second World War, it was a mean how to encourage citizens to closer cooperation and understanding and also as a mean to support crossborder cooperation and relations. It is more popular in Europe, it is also common in other continents which sometimes established very interesting partnerships.

Since 1989, this idea is supported also within the European Union. According to the European Commission is Town-Twinning an important tool for development of the European citizenship, an important element in strengthening and safeguarding the process of European integration. Town twinning relies upon the voluntary commitment of citizens, in collaboration with their local authorities and local associations.It encourages exchanges of experiences on a variety of issues of common interest, thereby raising awareness on the advantages of finding concrete solutions at European level. It  provides unique opportunities to learn about the daily lives of citizens in other European countries, to talk to them and very often to develop friendships with them. Thanks to the combination of those elements, town twinning has a real potential to enhance mutual understanding between citizens, fostering a sense of ownership of the European Union and finally developing a sense of European identity.

According to information from the Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic  it is a partnership cooperation between towns. We call it also town twinning. It is characterized as a form of long-term international cooperation between local self-governments consisting of regular meetings of town representatives and citizens. Usually, this cooperation is based on an official document (partnership agreement) or a resolution adopted by the legislative body of the town/municipality concerned.

Partner cooperation  has the following concepts: 

  • formal (official) partnership - based  on  written agreement , declaration or cooperation agreement
  • cooperation on a common project
  • informal partnership - as an partnership without written agreement or a contract

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