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Mölndal (Sweden)


A Town with more than 60 000 inhabitans. It is the third largest town in Västra Götaland Region.

Town is named after name "möllor", which means "mill" and "dal", which is a swedish name for "valley". Town´s nickname is therefore Valley of the Mills.

Narrow, but high and long waterfalls in Kvarnbyn provides the necessary energy for water mills, which - together with wind mills have created the best conditions for industrial development in 17th century.


Klepnutím zobrazíte plnou velikost obrázku Paper used to be the main production product in the past. Today, Mölndal is now town with high concentration with companies from scientific and research field then from industry. 

During Cultural Festival, which takes place every year, one of the oldest buildings are open for public and become cultural and artist galleries.

Just outside of the gates of Old Town, there is the Gunnebo House. House was built in last two decades of 18the century in neoclassic style as a house for a rich businessman John Hall. Hall wanted to build that house as his "summer residence" to complement his house in Gothenburg. Architect Carl Wilhelm Carlberg designed the whole building and gardens.

During last century, a lot historical buildings have been restored to their previous glory. All buildings, as well as gardens are now accessible for public. There are  lot of museums with furniture collections (mainly chairs named after Lindome town). 

Town has the biggest trotting (harness horse racing) arenas in Europe with restaurants, bars and coffee shops. 

A group of twinners from Ricany Klepnutím zobrazíte plnou velikost obrázku was invited here in May 2001. The group consisted of dancers from TK Allegro Ricany, fotball players and signers from Ricany together with City hall representatives. 


Klepnutím zobrazíte plnou velikost obrázku

Contacts on Mölndal Twinning can be found on  their website. 

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