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Interrested in Town-Twinning? Would like to help us with activities regarding Town Partnership in Říčany? If yes, please contact us on twinning@ricany.cz

What kind of cooperation we are looking for? How will this look like?

  • It is purely volunteer job, without any claim for getting any fee, but deriving pleasure from helping others

  • A possibility of securing  (home) accomodation for visitors from Partner Towns coming to Říčany for free

  • Traveling to  Partner Towns

  • Those volunteers able to accomodate visiotrs, are advantages in foreign trips to Partner countries. 

  • Translation activities, intereting (English, German, French)

  • Help with securing operational websites - updating of sections

  • Ideas on other Partner Towns, we shloud strart cooperation with?

  • Help with organizing conferences/meetings to be held in Říčany

  • Helping with project applications (mainly for the European Commission Programme - Europe for Citizens)

  • Other help with the Partnership agenda

  • PR activities - writing articles to newspapers, newsletters

  • We welcome also financial gifts, any other gifts - mainly for visitors from Partnership Countries
  • We need more hands and brains :-)

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