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¨                                                                                                                                             Dainville (France)

Dainville is a little town situated about 5 km west of the city Arras in northern France. With its approx 5000 inhabitants is the capital of the canton.

Its name comes form “Diana Villa” - Diana was a roman temple and Villa meant “firm” in the time of Merovingians who ruled over the region. There was a new church built at the site of this “firm temple” in the 13th century - St. Martin's Church, present-day highlight of Dainville.

People of Dainville used to work mainly in agriculture and craft up to the middle of 19th century. The local grain markets were the most prosperous in France.

A big change came with the industrial revolution. A new railway to Arras was built and it became an industrial city. Not only it attracted a lot of new inhabitants, it also offered new employment, especially to people from Dainville. Soon after new factories, such as brickyards, mill houses for oil, sugar factories and others, were built even near Dainville.

At these days, many of Dainville citizens work in neighbouring towns in administrative and services. Yet the town still offers a log of space for commercial and craft activities and makes itself a good place for living.

There is a big festival of music and dancing in historical costumes every year.

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