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Borken (Germany)

It is a town and the capital of the district of Borken, in North Rhine-Westphalia. North from Dortmund and Essen, near to Dutch borders.  

It has aprox. 40 000 inhabitant and  regarding to size, it is similar to Whitstable. Town was established more than 800 years ago, it is famous for its famous towers, which are dated to 14th century and was part of  Medieval fortification. One of five towers is now the seat of local Registry Office. More information can be found here.

Town name is from German word "Burg"´- "Burk", which means Castle and which  had been during ages changed up to  "Burke" and later on  "Burken" finally up to  "Borken". Around  year 800, Borken  was a small village used by Charles the Great and had been used as a station during his approaches and journeys. In 1226, the  Bishop Dietrich II of Isenberg-Limburg granted the City Rights to this village.

In the last years of the Holy Roman Empire (1803–1806), it was a capital city of short-lived principality of Salm. During 1810-1814, it was part of French Empire and the seat of newly established district of Borken (Kreis Borken). Betwenn 1880-1905, the region experienced building of railroad connections : (1880 Wanne-Borken-Winterswijk line, 1901 Empel-Bocholt-Borken and Borken-Burgsteinfurt, 1905 Borken-Coesfeld-Münster). Mainly due to it strategic position, thanks to railways, it was damaged during Second World War. After the war, reconstructions had started, community rearrangements followed in 1969, including the annexation of Gemen and other towns and villages from surroundings. During 1975 -1978, the southern part of old town was rebuilded, and finally demolished also those buildings which remained after bombing during the Second World War. In 2001 Borken celebrated 775 years from its establishment. 

Destroied were also both main Churches, which were later rebuilded to its previous glory. In local museum, you can see a special doll collection.

More information about Twinning in Borken - please visit their official webpages.

There has been no twinning experiences with this town. Ricany is being connected to Borken through Whitstable.

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