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Ricany and Twinning Today

After a very good start of partnership in 1992, Ricany stopped its activities after 2002. Our twinning friends insisted in ecouraging us to refresh these activities, they visited us during that time and proposed to renew all activites. It took us 10 years. During last visit of our partners in 2011, Roger Enable and his colleagues from Whitstable reached the agreement with our town and finally Ricany has dediced to refresh all activities. 

As a first step, Ricany representatives participated at the Twinning Town Meeting in August 2011. It was a "high level meeting", Ricany was represented by two deputy mayors Mrs. Hana Špačková and Mrs. Karla Egidová, also other representatives of city council  Vladimír Polánský aand Martin Gebauer. Other information can be found in October issue of "Kurýr" - the city newsletter (page 12). Other activities came very fast - after the call of cooperation  in Kuryr the following month - we found volunteers willing to help and refresh partnership activities. 

Mrs. Petra Šmolíková was the initiator and first volunteer. She started to seek other volunteers and start the closer cooperation with city hall. After that the "Commission for Partner towns" was established - it is a advisory body of City council. Commission discuss and agree proposals for activities within Twinning. Commission has also a small budget to cover the basic administrative expenses during partnership visits.

Member of Commission (in alphabetical order, email included under their names)

Mrs. Jitka Bahenská (Responsible for cultural events at the City Council)

Mrs. Dana Beková (Head of Mayors Department)

Mr. Vladimír Polánský (City councillor)

Mrs. Petra Šmolíková (Commission Chairperson, volunteer)

Mrs. Hana Špačková (Deputy Mayor)

Mrs. Jana Vavřinová (Commission volunteer)

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