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Grabow (Germany)

Grabow lies in the valley of the river Elde, in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, in the previous communist NDR. It has about 6200 citizens.

Grabow was firstly mentioned in 1186 eventhough the town itself was founded in 1252. The highlights of the town are depicted in the town coat of the arm - town gates, church and castle towers.

More information on official Grabow website.

The town gates are connected to the medieval fortification. There were only two gates going out of the town - Rehberger Tor and Mühlentor. Later on, they bacame the trade gates.

The castle was probably built to protect the Dannenberg region. It was burnt down together with the church and town hall in 1725. Only the next year, the big recontruction of the town started.

Grabow grew quickly wider which brought new industry to the town. Factories such as brewery, tannery or bakery were built. The bakery became famous after it started to produce the gummy-bears in 1951. Their products have the branch mark “Grabower”.


Unfortunaly, Ricany do not have much experience with this town but is open to it!


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