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About Říčany

Klepnutím zobrazíte plnou velikost obrázku Řičany is situated about 20 km to the south-east of Prague in undulated and wooded countryside. The first mention of Říčany (according to Hájek’s Chronicle) is from 748, when the battle of the Říčany dominion took place.

The ruins of the old Říčany castle, dating back to the period of the last Přemyslid dynasty, are an architectural sight that one should not miss. Later the castle was occupied by the Husites. In the town square we find the Church of St. Peter and Paul. The square was laid out in early Gothic style, and for this reason it is a listed area. The chapel is decorated by frescoes from around the year 1400. Not far from here we find the Marian Column built in 1699.

The castle like building ‘Olivovna’ was established in 1890 by Mr. and Mrs. Oliva and it served as a home for deprived and neglected children. Today it is a medical institution for children with respiratory problems from whole country.

The town experienced social and cultural decline after the 30 Years War but, on the other hand, experienced positive growth when the railway between Prague and Vienna was built in 1869. During this time many luxurious mansions were built and Říčany became an ideal and preferred place for relaxation. Nowadays the town provides state administration for the region. A good local environment, a good location and good bus and train services, support today’s dynamic growth and investment.Klepnutím zobrazíte plnou velikost obrázku

There is a local museum and theatrical performances are provided by the Tyl Theatre Company and other local groups. Regular concerts of renowned Czech musicians are organized by the “Friends of Music” society. Masaryk Square from spring on is a place of alternative attractions and celebrations. Children’s day is celebrated here and in summer the Petropavel Fair takes place. This is followed in September with a huge historical event called “Říčanský nos” and a scooter race open to people of all ages. The day before Christmas when everyone gathers under the Christmas lights is also an event not to miss.

Klepnutím zobrazíte plnou velikost obrázku The town doesn’t lack in sporting activities, the leading sport being rugby. There are also other sports like football, ice-hockey, tennis, table-tennis, keep-fit, cycling, hiking and dancing. A number of walking and cycling trails pass through the town. Tourists and visitors can find all vital information in the Information Centre located in Masaryk Square.

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